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This is just a standard text page example.Telephonic interviews are scheduled interviews that take place between a recruiter or employer and a candidate who has applied for a position and the interview is held over the telephone. More companies are now using telephone interviews in the initial stages of the hiring process.

While you're actively searching for a job it is important to be prepared for a telephonic interview at short notice. You can be rejected at this early interview stage if you are inadequately prepared or not used to speaking in a professional manner over the phone.

What makes telephonic interviews slightly more difficult is that the situation can feel unnatural and it can be difficult to build rapport with the interviewer. Many candidates find it hard to get into an interview mindset when talking to interviewers over the telephone. 

  • Find a quiet place to answer the phone and review company background beforehand so that you are in the right mindset.
  • Make sure you smile when answering your phone as your smile will come across in your voice
  • Consider standing up, rather than sitting down to keep you alert and to maintain your confidence or enthusiasm during the call. 
  • Come across as confident and capable and show enthusiasm.
  • Always be polite
  • Do not interrupt the person that is interviewing you.
  • Finally, make sure you keep a copy of your CV, notes and other documentation on hand in case you need to refer to it during the call
  • Have separate concise lists of your accomplishments, strengths and skills available to review.
  • Have a pen and paper handy for note taking.
  • If the time isn't convenient request if you could talk at an alternative time.
  • Consider using a landline rather than your mobile as landlines generally clearer and more reliable.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate clearly
  • Always put across the details on your experience, skills and your strong points.

Practice with a friend beforehand as this is the best preparation for a telephonic interview

After a phone interview send an email thankyou note.

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