Screening Interviews

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Screening Interviews are used to narrow down the list of job applicants that will be interviewed formally. Screening interviews provides a simple and reliable way to reduce time, money and risk in the hiring process. Screening interviews are usually undertaken by HR or by recruiters. The interviewer is looking for the best candidates and will be looking for reasons to take your application forward to the next stage. Screening interviews are used to prepare the most qualified candidates for the formal job interview.

Face to Face screening interviews with a job applicant is the least formal of interviews and is used to get a general feel for the applicants’ and their fit with the company and with the culture of the company. If you have been asked to come in for a screening interview then this is a positive as you have made it through the initial resume screening process and the company is interested in you.

The basics of interviews apply so you need to prepare for a screening interview like you prepare for any other interview. If you don’t make it through the screening interview then you will not get to the formal interview stage and you won’t get the job. So approach the screening interview like any other interview and bring your confidence, competence and strengths to the screening interviews.

Although this type of interview is usually conducted by a person that is not in the position to hire you make sure you’re fully prepared for each interview. You get one chance in a screening interview so its important to show some enthusiasm.

In the screening interview the interviewer is often more interested in gathering information and making sure that you meet a minimum set of requirements. The interview focuses on clarifying and confirming the information contained in your CV. You should highlight your accomplishments and qualifications and be careful about giving specific income requirements – rather give an income range. Screening interviews normally last 15 to 30 minutes.

Types of Screening Interviews:

Phone screening

This is a form of primary screening that is used to make sure that the time and effort of a more formal interview is worth doing for the recruiter and employer. It is very common for recruiters to screen candidates by phone as it is the quickest way to ascertain a candidate’s skill set, qualifications and match to the job opportunity. Use a landline as they are more reliable that mobile phones. Telephonic Interview

Screening tests

This is also a form of primary screening that is often used in cases where technical knowledge is required in the job. These test are often done over the internet or at the recruitment or employers officers.

Video screening

With increased connectivity video interviewing is becoming both more viable and cost effective.

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