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Resigning from a company can be a very difficult and emotional experience. It is important for your personal, professional and career development that you handle your resignation effectively.

Carefully consider your options before stepping into the job market:

  • You committed to leaving when you stepped into the market? List the reasons you stepped into the job market that led to your resignation.
  • Check that you had spoken to your company about opportunities for advancement and there is written commitment to this rather than a verbal promise.
  • What would your decision be if your current company offered more money or advancement? If you decided to accept a counter offer have you considered the potential implications? Click here for Counter Offer Advice
  • Should talk to your manager HR before looking for or new job or would this create mistrust?
  • Are you considering your career rather than just money and location
  • Think about the projects and handover of your current tasks and how your company will think about this as this may affect your notice period 
  • If your current manager is not professional then prepare yourself for how they will handle the process and some possible upset

If you have made a decision to resign and you thought things through then be positive, confident and polite and complete your resignation.

If your current employers make it possible work your notice period and be a professional in completing your tasks. You don’t want to burn bridges.

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